This new generation of Protein A ELISA kit is designed to work with the most natural and recombinant Protein A constructs that maintain the overall size and activity of Protein A. reducing the test time by more than 1 hour. The kit is very sensitive and detects Protein A levels <100 pg/ml.

Through the new Mix-N-Go method on protein A, the ELISA kit eliminates the boiling and centrifugation steps of the sample, instead, a special sample treatment reagent is used that allows precise detection of protein A in the presence of your sample antibody.

  • Improved detection of newer and unnatural constructs of protein A.

Info: Kit includes Anti-Protein A: HRP Conjugate, Protein A, A-G Standard Set, Denaturing Sample Buffer, Sample Treatment Plate, Stop Solution, and TBS Wash Concentrate, 20X.

Mix-N-Go ELISA kits are designed to perform with the most natural and recombinant Protein A constructs and incorporate the
revolutionary single-step sample treatment procedure. These kits also reduce the complexity of the assay and time to result
while increasing the robustness of the method over traditional Protein A ELISAs.

  • No Boiling and No centrifugation—less equipment & calibration
  • Faster time to results—up to 2 hours less than other kits
  • Better precision—fewer steps, fewer errors

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